Prom Creative Sense


It s finally here…this day teenagers have desperately waited for . Some of us think of this day as the time they will make their dream of bein a princess or prince true. It is a few hours dream that makes smile on our face and feeling of accomplishment.

For others, it is just a day when they wanna hide because of their unpopularity or fear not to find the perfect dress that will attract. Well, dont be afraid, you dont need to dress like a princess or bridesmaid to get attention. You can do more than that… Change the traditional prom and turn it into your creation, your intelligence, and the “YOU”………


They made the ” UNUSUAL” happen……. why not you????what are you waiting for??

Blog Strategy


My blog is about fashion personality and feeling. By creating this page, I intend to help young adults and teenagers find their own personality through their unique fashion. In addition to helping, my goal is to make them feel comfortable in any outfit they choose to wear. Therefore, from now on, instead of being embarrassed because they don’t have the actual style of the majority, they will feel unique and special. Everything cannot only be about conformity and thus even in fashion. For this reason, in my about page, I opened the dialogue with the sentences: “Aren’t you tired of having the same matching colors from head to toe? Wouldn’t a splash of another color help to create a different and individual style that you can call your own?”. This quote tells the young adults and teenagers that if you have once thought about it, well, know that you are not alone and not crazy to think so. I used some strategies to find my audience. My first step was to follow young adults bloggers in fashion, art, and culture. I followed them because when you have a follower, you are interested about his/her page, you click and try to see if you are interested in his/her blog and postings. So, I believed the same strategy will be done by all bloggers. In addition, I read fashionist’ blog to see if no one else was using the same concept explored in my blog. Also, I share all my posts on my facebook page (I tag as many people as I can) and twitter account, so I can get more people to see and like my posts. I attract my audience with pictures to illustrate my posts, give them a clearer idea and make them believing in me. Moreover, to know what they think of the content of my posts, I added to every single post a rating icons and space for comments. Furthermore, I try to interact with my audience by approving their comments, thanking them for the observations, replying as quickly as I can. The audience does not only receive my help in finding their personality, but they are also helping me improve my blog when giving suggestions or loving what comes from the posts. Usually, from the comments, I get ideas of what my audience want to hear and see.

Interview with Heiress Fashion Specialist


Good Morning , i would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview your company

1. I have been interested with your official page because of the way you combined looks in many personality. Before putting on looks, do you consult special colorist or you just think about it at the moment?

I hope you are referring to our post about ” what fashion personality are you” We always depend on our research team to do R&D for any post. For this one… the team used their knowledge of the fashion subcultures that were… like grunge, punk, hippies etc. And how that past affects the looks today. The team also went through celeb looks and their fashion personalities too and then combined the garments and colors that could represent a single personality.

2. What made you think of “Heiress” as being your label?

Heiress in obvious terms means the girl who inherits legacy. We want our consumers to feel that they are part of something bigger than just clothes. Fashion for us is more like a tradition and we choose to represent it in everyday RTW apparel. On a personal level, fashion also runs in the family of this brand’s founder ” The Vermas”

3. I realized that your page linked to a twitter, facebook, pinterest account…which is really good. What i admire the most is how many people you got to follow you on each page in less than two months. So, what strategies did you use?did you happen to have personal ad prior to opening the accounts or you used personal contacts to fill in?

Yes linking all our accounts have worked well for us and we highly recommend it. And as a team, we did have personal contacts on Facebook liking our page, but we have a lot of new users coming in like yourself. Since friends of people who like us also see our stories and if it interests them, they like it. Though we are planning to start an online ad campaign soon.

4. I started a blog for my class, but never get comments from anyone except classmates or teacher. What would you advice me to do to attract more readers to make comments?

Firstly we would suggest that read new blogs yourself and leave genuine comments on blog posts with your name and blog link below. Also you could join blogger communities like IFB( independent fashion Bloggers) where you get to meet a lot of new bloggers.

5. Your posts are not long,but you put a lot of pictures…is it because you just need to advertise the product and not how one will feel inside?

Somehow the team believes ” a picture is worth a thousand words”  🙂 . Also what is felt inside we represent through the pictures and choose to describe it briefly in words. And we like the idea of that pictures transcend language and it could attract readers from a lot of corners of the world.

6. What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion for us is really a sense of belonging…. representing who we are or a lot of times who we want to be. You wear the chicest clothes one day and you feel you belong to a fashionable crowd and you feel good. Fashion and feelings are interconnected.

7. How would you define your personal style?

If “Heiress” were a girl she would always be dressed occasion appropriate. Would love dresses which are the right mix of trends, classic cuts and form flattering silhouette. Would wear a lace shirt to work, a shift dress in a vibrant color to a luncheon and sequins and glitter for clubbing !! We believe her favorite color this season would have been Klein Blue and ice cream pastels !

8. How long does it take you to arrange an outfit that will look stunning?

Actually one look.. one picture… has a whole lot of hard work behind it. Right from spotting a trend, conceptualizing, sourcing fabric and accessories to fit samples and the photoshoot, the process is long but rewarding !

9. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Oh lots of places… the street.. ramps.. blogs…. celebs…trend forecasts.. art… the list is long we suppose !

10.What are your favorite colors and fabrics to work with?why?

we are loving Klein Blue, ice-cream pastels and raspberry and bubble pink too. As for the fabrics we love American crepe for it’s fluidity, cotton silk for it’s richness and being weather friendly and last but not the least cotton lace….It’s very sensuous and chic at the moment !

Power of Neon brought in daylight


Neon is making a comeback! Whether you liked the 80’s or not, you’re going to be reminded of that decade constantly this spring with all of the great neon fashion popping up everywhere, from the runways to the streets.

The so called hot pink, hot yellow, hot red from the 80s  is back and as bright as ever before! If you were around in the 80s, then you’ve already lived through the neon craze. Do you think you’re ready to embrace this trend all over again?

Neon colors are a big trend this season and I’m sure many of you ,lovelyish readers ,love and obsess over anything fluorescent. Fluorescence is really the ultimate summer look, so why not sport it? Don’t be afraid of color embrace it! Color can be very flirty and fun, so feel good by working it into your wardrobe. White and black are always great neutral colors to work in with your neon outfit, and if you need to start off small, only wear bright accessories. There are many ways to work in bright colors into your closet; you just can’t be frightened of color. You do not have to look like you are from the 80’s when using it, just keep it fun and carefree and you will look great!

Personally, I fell in love with the yellow neon: it says: let go to the beachhhhhh

This season, the more color the better.

Green Shades


What we think of green???

For starters, Psychologists say the color green has a lot of significance, but i what i found most important for my page was:

It is the color of balance and harmony, color of growth, the color of spring, of renewal and rebirth.

-Green is generous and loves to share, but it also looks for recognition. It is friendly and can keep confidences.

– Green is a color that encourages us to want to own things and people, to collect and possess. Green encourages materialism.
 Enough with the psychologistic point of view……How can we use their green assumptions and add it to our lives, our personality ,our style??? Well, i loved these meanings ,then i asked myself :are these true? the answer is …..YOU NEED TO TRY ON THIS COLOR TO KNOW HOW IT FEELS AND YOU WILL HAVE THE ANSWER.
You have been out everyday, while going o school, movies, mall, or night club, right????? Did something familiar to this text attracted your eyes this last month??????Think harder i cannot give all the answers, think think……
 Fine, i give up…. Have you seen the green color all over the places??i am not talking about Easter’s accessories in cvs and Giant(yet it is there). I am talking about the green in every sort of fashion style.You thought of it as being weird? Maybe because it was the wrong green because every green doesn’t fit the transition. I m talking about MINT GREEN.
I know you think the color fades or something;however , it is the perfect color to transition with from winter to spring. It’s refreshing and calming, and can even be seen as a neutral color but “updated”. It is great!!!!!!! you need to try it…Let say this color style rocks…..

Cmon Guys……Even the first lady thinks so….See how glowing she is in

If red connotes anger, and black, angst, we’re going to put our vote in that mint green should be the poster color for chill vibes. There’s no other color around this spring that soothes like mint green. Whether you go head-to-toe in the perfect pastel hue or just opt for a flash of green polish as your new neutral nail shade, it’s the only color that we crave after a hectic week of go, go, go.

Being Unique is All about Chuck Bass’s Killing Look


You guys watch Gossip Girl every mondays on cwtv? for those who do, i guess more than 80% of u girls fell in love with Chuck Bass . Well ,me too, not only his good acting skills are impressive,but his fashion just kills me. He got this unbelievable way of putting colors together that look so great on him. Luckily, you will see that his fashion depends on his mood and environment, yet he is sexy. 

By the look on his face , i m sure you can determine the variety of his moods.